Lagrange configurator (beta)

This web application allows you to configure analyses that reconstruct geographic range evolution (ancestral areas, rates of disersal/range expansion and local extinction/range contraction) on phylogenetic trees using the program Lagrange.
Latest version: 20130526 IMPORTANT BUG FIX: previous versions caused rates of dispersal and local extinction to be incorrectly estimated when time slices were used. The errors introduced were not large and are not likely to have significantly affected ancestral range estimates, but re-analysis is recommended nonetheless. Many thanks to Juliana Chacon and Susanne Renner for alerting me of this bug. More info...
Begin a new analysis by uploading species range data or a phylogenetic tree.
Or upload a previously configured analysis, saved as a python script Note: scripts created using earlier versions of this web site, or subsequently edited, may not upload correctly: